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Outbreak Pandemic Evolution Game

Outbreak Pandemic Evolution Game on FullyPcGames

Outbreak Pandemic Evolution Game may look like a first-person survival game and while it has quite a few survival elements that are there to distract you from your mission the game is played completely different.

In Outbreak 2 factions, military and mutants, fight over areas. The military is trying to stop the mutant outbreak while the mutants are attracted by electricity and increase in numbers each time one of them dies. You, as the sole survivor of a high-tech research facility dug into the mountains, have to figure out how to stop the mutant threat. Capture them alive and experiment on them to find a cure. Push the military back and stop them from interrupting your power-supply while mutants are attempting to raid your facility. Put up defenses to fight-off the ever increasing attack waves of mutants. Craft tools like motion-trackers, turrets, landmines & weapons. Experiment on mutants and find the toxin. Capture areas in the game to weaken the factions and manage your facility.

The factions in the game fight each other on the map. It is up to you how you influence this fight – taking out military troops and cleaning up areas will strategically weaken them as they are loosing ground & numbers. Mutants are a bit harder to stop as you first have to figure out how to push them back which also requires capturing one of them alive, they also evolve over time and you will see more variations of them.

Outbreak Pandemic Evolution Game
File Size:2.5 GB

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